Collins and FCC

I contacted both Maine Senators about the recent FCC decision to deregulate media control of the airwaves. I felt that this was a cynical power-grab on the part of the large corporations. The following are excerpts from a letter I received from Susan Collins.

... I am deeply concerned that these new rules will lead to an unwise concentration of
media ownership.

On April 9, 2003 I wrote to FCC Chairman Michael Powell to express my concern that the media
ownership rules should not be altered unless the Congress and the public had the opportunity to
review and comment on them.

... I have co-sponsored legislation offered by Senators Stevens and Hollings that would override
the position adopted by the FCC earlier this month.  This new policy should not be allowed to
go into effect.

Thanks, Senator Collins. The FCC is a public agency and therefore responsible to the public and
to our representatives in Congress. Looks like they need to be reminded of that fact.

Don Tarbet