You can print this out and fill it in or fill it in using your word processor and screen reader. (Just save it as a file.) Most processors should handle html, but let me know if you have problems with that.

Please enter number of copies of each:

  1. Regular Print _____
  2. Large Print ______
  3. CD-ROM _______
  4. Audio CD ______
  5. total number of volumes _____
  6. TOTAL PRICE (number of volumes times 19.95)_______
  7. number of volumes _____
  8. TOTAL PRICE (number of volumes times 12.95) _______
  9. number of volumes____
  10. TOTAL PRICE (number of volumes times 12.95)_______
  11. TOTAL BOOK PRICE (sum of lines 6, 8 and 10)_______

  12. TOTAL SHIPPING______

    Note, if shipping to multiple addresses, add a sheet indicating which books go to which addresses

    Maine residents add 5% sales tax on total book price
  13. TOTAL ENCLOSED (or charge if paying by credit card)____________


Maine Marketplace/NHEST Books
144 Atkinson Rd.
Bradford, ME 04410 For credit card orders you may email this information and your credit card number + expiration date to


Or you may call 207 327-1453