"For I have promises to keep..."

Maine's entire congressional delegation in Washington has decided that some things
are not for sale.  Our representatives remembered that amateur radio operators
spend thousands of hours each year providing public service and emergency 
communication that saves lives, property, and thousands or millions of dollars
for the people of Maine.  They remembered the ice storm.  They remembered the
daily, quiet, little-publicized emergency communication and personal 
service at events such as ski and canoe
races, events for charity, education, and more.  Remembering, they decided that they weren't going
to stand idly by while commercial interests carved up the portion of the
radio spectrum allocated to these amateur operators.  

Representatives John Baldacci (D) and Tom Allen (D) and Senators Olympia
Snowe (R) and Susan Collins (R) signed on as co-sponsors of bills to protect
the amateur radio spectrum.  They proved that common sense and keeping promises
go beyond partisan politics. Thanks, folks.

That is our entire delegation.  How many other states can say the same?


In the 2001 session, three of the four again joined in supporting ham radio. We thank John Baldacci, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins. Where did you go, Mr. Allen?

With a partly new delegation this year and the congressional session just starting to heat up (May) over FCC rules, we don't know for sure who's on board. Rep. Michaud was Maine's only co-sponsor of legislation when last checked.

In Maine, Governor Baldacci continues his support of ham radio and its protection of public
interests by involving us in Homeland Security.  We'll be there.