Note on the vote

May 14, 2003

Senator Olympia Snowe

Dear Senator Snowe;

Thank you for stepping forward to set limits on George Bush’s latest round in the Toys for 
Trillionaires program begun in the 1980s.  Tax cuts for the rich will not benefit the rest of 
us; forget the tokens.  All we’ll get out of it in the long run will be a bill for the resulting 
deficit.  That is clear; it has always been clear; it will remain clear, despite the 
disinformation campaigns, the rhetoric, and the frothing at the mouth by the terminally greedy.  
In the 80s it brought us recession followed by depression and a growing rift between the haves 
and the have-nots.  The first round of Bush tax cuts took us from surplus to deficit. Widely 
published multiplier analysis shows the next round will be far worse.

In setting this limit you have incurred the wrath of the far-fetched right as expected. The 
bashing campaign against you is illuminating of the mentalities way out there.  Eventually 
people may start to figure out that the ranting of economic feudalists like the “Club for 
Growth” resembles less a political and economic philosophy than it does a case of rabies.  You 
can’t fool all the people all the time, but spin-doctors like the “Growth Club” have proved that 
you can fool enough of them enough of the time that they’ll stand in lines at the polls to 
commit economic suicide election after election. But you can’t keep fooling them for ever.

Please be assured of my support for any steps you can take toward fiscal responsibility.  Of 
course, true fiscal responsibility means no tax cut at all in times of deficit and war expenses 
as pointed out by some of your fellow Republican Senators. And if there are to be tax cuts, they 
should go to those who work for a living rather than those who live off the proceeds of 
accumulated wealth.  If there are to be inequities in the tax structure, let those who benefit 
inordinately from the system pay inordinately to support it.  And, of course, money returned to 
the lower socio-economic strata will be immediately released into the economy.  The money 
returned to the rich will generate more wealth, and returns to the economy will not come close 
to equaling those that would accrue if the money were given back to people who actually need it.  Again, comparative multiplier analysis has been widely published; among other places, I’ve read it in the Bangor Daily News.

Veterans are denied benefits (and are still being deceived about the source of their ‘Gulf War 
Syndrome’).  The elderly suffer; the poor suffer.  The gap widens. We go from surplus to 
deficit.  And more tax cuts for the rich are proposed.  The people who fight the wars suffer in 
poverty while those who make money from the wars play golf in the Caribbean.  As you know, 
Senator, these are hardly wild-eyed opinions.  What has happened, what is planned, and what it 
will cause have been widely observed, analyzed and published.

Somebody has to rein in a government run amuk.  Please.  

I am copying this to Senator Collins and may publish it on the Internet.  Thank you for your consideration.

Don Tarbet

CC: Senator Susan Collins

Note on the vote

Senator Olympia Snowe held fast against all the pressure brought to bear by the special interests. She voted for sanity and common decency. Thank you, Senator Snowe for showing fiscal responsibility in the face of the irrational hate campaign mounted by the pickpockets and panderers.

Senator Collins voted special interest all the way.